Tamara Elaine McNaughton

Jonathan Eli Metcalf

Eli and Tamara first crossed paths in the neighborhood of Silverlake Los Angeles. It was the fall of 2005.  He wore old rattlesnake boots held together with duct tape.  He sure thought himself clever. She thought he was strange. Soon after they met again at John Waters Christmas party.  Eli brought a very special Michael Shanker Flying V guitar for a musician friend to play for the evening.  They talked about art and laughed at John Waters set together. That night it was official. Eli was crazy about her. But it would take more to win her over.  It would take manual labor and a few home improvement projects. A couple of weeks later Eli wore gloves and a bandana to carry Tamaras refrigerator up and down two flights of stairs, smiling the whole time. He was on his way. Eli proposed to Tamara on a boat in Manhattan 3 and 1/2 years later.  She called him a jerk, then of course, said yes.  They live in New York with their two (semi) hypoallergenic cats Lemmy and Sasha and are disgustingly in love.